@ STRATWOOD Consulting Ltd

We demystify entrepreneurial success. We work with our client to develop relevant competencies for exploits in business. A business is like a baby…that grows in the uterus of the mother through childbirth…wherein lots of care and caution must be exercised by the midwives to avoid stillbirth or the death of mother and child…through the tender stages of early life to the stages of crawling, walking and later running…even sprinting…!

At every stage of the child’s growth adequate nourishment is required for proper growth and healthy living even at very old age…

We help our client develop formidable strategies leveraging on cutting-edge technology to outperform competition with value adding innovation

We focus on…

ü Specialized  Contract Packaging & Facilitation

ü  Sourcing and Global Procurement services

ü  Fumigation and Pest Management services

ü  Human Capacity Development

ü  Instituting Quality Management System

ü  Business Process Engineering & Management

ü  Information Security

ü  Financial Accounting & Audit

ü  Business Incubation & Nurturing

ü  Project Management

To work with us…

We are constantly seeking more clients with potentials to be developed.  Just download our  RFI form, populate and submit and one of our consultants would get in touch with you within 24 hours of submission…you would be surprised at the speed with which we would work with you to realize your dream of being a successful entrepreneur…

The journey starts here…