Stratwood Consulting Limited standard operating procedure on pest control is designed to ensure that product manufacture and commercialization is compliant with internal and external standards as regards food safety, regulatory requirement and consumer expectations.

SCL can develop, implement and manage customized IPM programs designed for your facility without compromising the integrity and availability of your operations.


We use insecticides with rapid knock down and kill effect and short persistence or post fumigation ventilation.


Our IPM incorporates a quality monitoring scheme (Planned programme) that ensures longer sustainable pest control through the use of baiting and hygiene systems that are verified regularly for their performance monitoring.


We implement environmental and people safety programs and processes in our technical services in the area of pest management services. We ensure full compliance to applicable environmental local legislation as well as with international standards. 


Oil & Gas, Agriculture & Farming, Construction Firms, Defense Contractors, Institutions, Food & Beverage Industry, Hospitals, Hotels & Hospitality Resorts, Manufacturing Companies, Mining, Pharmaceutical Companies, Real Estate, Marine companies and Aviation Industries..