Purchasing and global sourcing can account for more than 40% of overall costs in many industries. Stratwood Consulting Limited partners with clients across the globe to make procurement a strategic operation and realize huge bottom-line impact.

Stratwood Consulting Limited shares information and coordinates the packaging of quintessential investment/ contract opportunities with prospective clients as an avenue for bringing in much needed capacity and capabilities into existing companies.

We have successful experience in consummation of projects that are important and unique in their technical or infrastructural significance between organizations.


World-class companies use training, maintenance, sourcing and procurement as a source of competitive advantage but many organizations still undermine this treasure chest because they lack a predefined systematic play-book for buying better and spending better, and making the saving stick.

In a business environment with competitive intensity, operators and owners are seeking solutions to lower costs while increasing the efficiency of their maintenance, training, sourcing and procurement. To do that, takes more than processes, tools and systems, it takes the right service partner.

With vast market knowledge and with our foreign technical partner abroad that have established Global Network of trusted suppliers, we will deliver to our clients our expertise on time and on budget procurement of properties, materials and equipment for their requirement.

Maximizing savings is a difficult task.


  • For suppliers to bill you accurately and consistently for agreed terms and conditions.
  • To ensure that negotiated savings gets to the bottom-line.
  • Not spending on beyond the top few categories.
  • To ensure that savings are not lost since we have the time to get all scrutinies done for all categories.
  • Our in-house resources to adequately cover all categories.
  • Paying cost effective prices compared to other companies of similar size industry. 


Oil & Gas, Agriculture & Farming, Construction Firms, Defense Contractors, Institutions, Food & Beverage Industry, Hospitals, Hotels & Hospitality Resorts, Manufacturing Companies, Mining, Pharmaceutical Companies, Real Estate, Marine companies and Aviation Industries..